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miércoles, 9 de septiembre de 2009

2nd and 3rd day of training

Hi guys:

Today I have decided to write in english because is very possible to we will have a visit of a one friend. This friend is a friend o french. And I've decided write some lines in common languages.

The 2nd training I make was with my collegue. Maybe we run 15 km. The time we need was 1h:15min approach. The way was fabulous, inside the forest, with, one lake. I want to try othe time.

The 3rd training. I was alone. I made only series. But the way was fabolous. The way was in Lammi Research Center. It is fantastic.

I 'll suposse that tomorrow I will take a time relax. But i hope take a sauna time.

It te best, sauna and cold lake.

Oh oh oh. I am feeling in my leg the sharp needles when I leave the cold lake.

Now, I`m provaiding one picture of the event of the sencond day of training. This is the fotofinish.

3 comentarios:

  1. "sharp needles"!!! Oh my god!! it's the worst pain that anyone can feel!!

  2. aaah! I think, you must to have a "kain piller"!

    claro! claro!

  3. Ohhhh shit, i think that a "clean piller". El limpiador de peladores.